Junior Club Round up

2017 provided many great moments for our junior club members with the introduction of many brilliant new activities and programme offers. The year as whole provided many highlights including our Halloween party that saw young people come in their fabulous costumes and take part in lots of scary and spooky activities to, water activities in the summer where young people were able to give their ‘favourite’ staff member a real soaking. 

Alongside these stand out activities and themed nights our everyday programme that includes activities such as Messy play, rock climbing, arts & crafts, a wide range of sports and physical activities and recreation games that allow our young people to express themselves in many different forms.

2017 also saw the integration of the Play Menu to Junior club. Our play menu is designed to meet the fundamental needs of children in a fun active based programme. Every session has incorporated activities and projects based on elemental play, sensory play, creative play, identity play, construction and keeping active. This has given our children the opportunity to creatively express themselves in an exciting active programme based around having fun whilst learning new skills.

With 2018 now in full swing we are excited to introduce several of our new programme offers that we have introduced in the last few weeks. Firstly, we have launched our new inclusion programme that is looking at integrating a structured programme for our members who require more of a structured programme. This programme will aim to break down the barriers of participation for several of our members who are struggling to adapt to a regular session. We are also excited to announce that we have also launched a new cheerleading squad and a Saturday alternative football league. These are just a few of the new exciting opportunities that have been implemented in the last month.