We are delighted to share that one of our wonderful Patron’s, Window Creations Ltd, won an award at the Greater Manchester Talent Match Awards back in May. We nominated Jeff and his team as he came to us in the employability team in beginning/mid 2016 wanting to support a suitable young person associated with the club into work within his business.

At that time, we had a young lad working with Talent Match who was very employable, had great qualifications but was struggling to find a job due to the interview process. He was a shy young person and always seemed to struggle with the interview process and making sure to sell himself to an employer. He’d been to countless interviews and had got feedback every time but still no job. We sent Jeff Bridges his CV over and come autumn of 2016 Jeff had a job opening and this young person’s name was put forward to Jeff again. Jeff offered him a work trial and from that Jeff felt he would be perfectly suited to an Apprenticeship.

This young person has been employed with Jeff ever since and has gone on to complete his apprenticeship in Manufacturing & Blind Fitting and since be taken on by Jeff as a full time employee.

We nominated Jeff particularly because he followed through on a promise of working with and giving a young person associated to BLGC an opportunity. Jeff was very keen to have someone from BLGC work with him and was very flexible in his approach to the recruitment process. Many of the young people on Talent Match struggle immensely with the interview stages of finding work and it’s a common downfall. Jeff was happy to overlook that formal interview process and give the young people a chance to prove themselves through work trials and training.  This shows his genuine interest for supporting young people of Bolton and BLGC by standing firmly by his commitment.



Thank you Jeff, and Congratulations on winning this award – we’re so pleased!