We speak to Romana Khadki, a Finance Admin Volunteer, who joined the club after she had moved to the country. 

What is your volunteering role in BLGC? I volunteer in the Finance team, I count the cash once a week on a Friday and get it ready to be paid into the bank.

How did you first hear of Bolton Lads & Girls Club? 

I was looking for jobs, but with no luck, so thought I should do some volunteering to get some experience. I found the role through Do-It and BLGC were on there looking for a Finance Volunteer role. I was new to the country so didn’t know anything about the club, but my friends and family said that the club had been going for a long time and that it was very reputable, the rest is history!

I’ve been here three years now. I have a job as an accountant; it’s only part time, but I like coming here. I do a bit of counting, I meet the team and it’s great to be a part of something, it’s a nice change.

What is your normal volunteering session like? 

My usual day: I come in here around 9.30am – the cash is ready for me to count. I count it and get it ready for banking. It’s the tuck shop, hot food and door income cash from both the Spa Road Club and the Hacken Lane Club.

Do you enjoy volunteering with BLGC? 

Yes I enjoy it! That’s why I’ve carried on coming. It’s not just the tasks I enjoy, but the people as well. If the people are not right, then you don’t want to carry on doing something like this.

What support do you get from the club? 

I get all sorts of support from the club. They helped me get my job. Jackie (Finance Manager) wrote me a really great recommendation, and I owe it to the club that I got the job really.

Why did you decide to donate your time to the club? 

I volunteer my time – it’s become a routine. I don’t want to stop, I don’t want to leave, and I also stay for the people. I try and come as often as I can, the club is flexible with me which I find really helpful and is part of the reason I’ve been able to stay

How does volunteering fit into your life? Very easily! I have responsibilities at home which mean that sometimes I can’t come in, but Jackie is very flexible with me – I even had to change my regular day when I started my job from a Monday to Friday.

What has been your most rewarding experience? 

When I got the volunteer of the month was really great – it was very unexpected, but I was really happy to get it! It was just something extra that I got for my time, and it was great knowing someone had nominated me.

Why should other people get involved with the club? 

It’s a great opportunity for someone like me – someone starting in a new country, it really did help, and the it’s just great feeling like you’re doing something useful with your time. They are very flexible and you always get welcomed with a big smile. The people keep me coming back.

Would you recommend volunteering with BLGC? 


Thanks Romana, your dedication to the club means the world to us!