Luke came to us having not been employed for over a year as he was not taken on after completing an apprenticeship with a local ICT support company. Luke was referred to our Talent Match services by Bolton Job Centre.

Here Andy Simm, Talent Match Coordinator, speaks about Luke’s experience with our Talent Match service and how Luke has now secured an apprenticeship with Greater Manchester Police as an Administration Support Apprentice within the Forensic Services, Serious Crime Division.

“When I first met with Luke and was informed about his qualifications, education and recent employment history it surprised me a little that he had struggled to find new employment as he is a well-qualified individual. However, it soon became clear that it was Luke’s confidence and his lack of personal skills that were preventing him from gaining employment.

Over time Luke greatly improved his all-around ability and since taking part on talent match project Luke has become a more confident person when looking and applying for work.

Luke has taken full part in the project and taken part in a wide variety of opportunities both locally in Bolton and in the wider Greater Manchester Community.

One such event was with Damar Training and GMP Police with regards to 2017’s intake of apprentices to work for the police. This is where Luke decided that he wanted to pursue this and go forward with his application for the posts.

The main objective was to support Luke into employment within a 12 month period of him starting on the project.

Luke was able to secure an apprenticeship within GMP Police as an Administration Support Apprentice within the Forensic Services, Serious Crime Division.

It’s not just a data inputting role or answering the phones. The police are recruiting and trusting young people to work within all of its teams and take on actual work as part of on-going cases they are dealing with and have to prepare evidence for.”

Here is what Luke had to say:

The advice and guidance alongside the 1:1 support Andy has provided me has been above and beyond. To be honest I wouldn’t have had the confidence to apply for the role I have got let alone even go out and search for it prior to working with Andy on the talent match project.

It was Andy that suggested to me about going to an event with reference to upcoming apprenticeships roles within GMP. As normal Andy supported me at the event then from there helped me all the way through the application process and interview stages.

I’m now a full-time apprentice within GMP and very soon approaching my six months mark where I can then start to apply for internal roles across the force, to which I’ve asked Andy for help with on the forms if I see another role I’d like to apply for.

 I’ve now become more independent and having my own income has allowed me to purchase my own car.