What is our Mentoring Service?

Since 1997 our Mentoring Service has provided one-to-one support for vulnerable or at-risk young people in the Bolton area. We are really proud of what our Mentors and our Mentees have achieved through the service. Through building a trusting, reliable relationship our Mentors have helped our young people through difficult periods in their lives, supporting them to build their self confidence, self esteem and resilience. Mentors and Mentees meet every other week for about 18 months – years, building a relationship that allows young people to be heard, supported and grow as a person, as well as creating fun memories.

How do we differ to other Mentoring Services?

We work with a child/young person in a holistic way, responding to what they say they need from a mentor. As adults, we may see issues or behaviours that we think a young person needs help with, however, the young person may not agree or actually identifies something different as more important. We believe that all young people have a voice and need to be listened to and supported to help themselves. Empowerment is a key underlying principle of our service.

Unlike many other mentoring services, we are guided by the young person. We encourage our Mentors to meet their young person out and about in the community in a variety of settings, as we believe in childhood and creating happy memories for our children and young people. We focus on developing a young person’s confidence, self esteem and resilience, not fixing all their problems.

How does having a Mentor work?

Our Volunteer Mentors meet their young person for a few hours every other week. The mentoring relationship will last for approximately 18 months to 2 years. The setting Mentors and Mentee’s meet in will vary according to their age, the weather and time of year. We emphasise that mentoring is about building a relationship and spending quality time with your young person; so simple activities like walks in the park, having a milkshake, using our mentoring resource room, doing arts and crafts, and any other low-cost activity that is out and about in the local area is ideal. The relationship is managed by a Youth Support Coordinator from our team who is there for both the Mentor and Mentee for advice, guidance and support