Spotlight on Social Action-Spring 2018

Well what can I say? This spring saw 54 young people make a real impact in their community. Build their skills and confidence and complete actions for the direct benefit of others. Below you will find information about what the recent cohort of young people were up to and the achievements they accomplished.

First up…Yellow Team.  Yellow team were passionate about raising awareness of mental health conditions that affect young people, and wanted to highlight what support services are available. The team achieved this through the medium of rap music. The team wrote, recorded and performed the track, ‘Speak Out’ over the course of 4 days as well as fitting in time to film and produce a music video and even make an appearance on Bolton FMs Community Corner. The song has already reached 100s of people across Bolton and the wider community. The completed video will be available to view soon, but for now check out the team’s fantastic interview and performance of Speak Out on Bolton FM, it’s the 7-8pm slot and Yellow team start about 10 min in.


I think the talent and creativity on display is incredible and a big shout out to Bolton FM for the use of their Studio 2 recording space. The song and video will be available to view on the MHIST, MIND and CAMHS websites and we are still in talks with channel 4. Keep an eye on this space!

Green Team were focusing on poverty in Bolton, particularly in the refugee and homeless communities. The team researched what items were needed, by members of each community, and set about raising donations of those items to create support packages that could be distributed within these communities.

The items included: warm socks, tinned food, blankets and personal hygiene items. These items are often taken for granted by many people, but as Green team will now tell you, they make a whole world of difference to people and their quality of life. The Team linked up with Muvamba House (an organisation that aids in homing refugee families in Bolton) and Hope4Homeless to distribute their support packages (approx 30) to the people most vulnerable. The remainder of the project was aimed around raising awareness towards the issue of homelessness in Bolton. The team created a short video displaying the facts and statistics about homelessness in Bolton. The video will soon be hosted on the Hope4Homeless website and social media pages.

Anxiety and stress are huge issues that affect 100s of people. Blue Team researched ways of reducing and tackling theses, while working closely with Anxiety UK. This led to the team discovering the therapeutic effects of physically and symbolically throwing away your fears and worries. Blue team used this idea as the premise for their project. They headed out for a few days in the Market Place shopping Centre to encourage people to ‘throw away their worries’, by physically writing it down, then screwing it up and disposing of it in a specially designed bin. The member of the public was then encouraged to take a ‘positive vibe’ (positive comment card written by the young people). This was a huge success, with literally hundreds of people across the 2 days, filling at least 2 bins with worries.

That’s a lot of worries replaced with positivity….well done Blue Team. They then used the worries to inform some research in the form of a video to showcase what they had done and how it helped. This will be made available to the public and be displayed on the Anxiety UK website very shortly. In the meantime….here’s a picture of Blue Team working out if the pasta and marshmallows are for tower building or for tea.

Last, but by no means least….Red Team were spreading positivity throughout the town during a very busy social action phase. The young people created decorative positive message cards, then scoured town and local business, asking for donations of cut flowers. They then created mini bouquets and attached them to the message cards. Red team braved the weather to walk around the town centre and give these flowers out for free to the people of Bolton. This was done in partnership with CALM, as a part of their campaign against living miserably. A huge well done to Red Team, who had difficulty putting together their initial project due to time constraints, but pulled together a hugely successful project and an equally massive thank you to all the places that donated flowers to the project.

From everyone here at BLGC and NCS….

Thank You to the 54 young people of Bolton who said yes to the NCS Programme, and gave their time and effort and passions to make a real difference to the people of Bolton.

Thank You to the businesses and organisations (independent and non-profit alike) that gave products and time and support to make these projects succeed.

Thank you to the good people of Bolton who got involved in the projects and interacted with the teams in any way, showing support or receiving it. We could not have achieved these things without you.

We now are getting set for the Summer Programme where over 700 young people will be getting involved with the issues facing their communities, so you will be sure to see pockets of happiness and help springing up all over Bolton throughout the summer. If you have an organisation that you feel could benefit from the help of one of our teams or want to donate anything or offer any type of support…….

or email us on

See you all soon,

NCS Team x

02.03.2018- Spring programme- What’s been going on?

So its been a quiet few weeks on the NCS blog….But no no no, I have not forgotten you. I have been spending some time up a tree, shooting arrows, talking about gravy, gaining skills and planning some amazing social action projects with 54 amazing young people on NCS SPRING 2018.

Ok let me explain. On 16th February 2018, 54 adventurous 16 and 17yr olds from all over Bolton came together to board a bus to the Lake District to begin their NCS journey. The 54 young people were split into 4 teams and headed to Borwick Hall to become tree climbing, arrow firing, zip wiring, cave dwelling, canoe paddling masters.

Over the proceeding 4 days and 3 nights, each team was able to have a go at challenging themselves individually and on their team working skills by taking part in: caving, canoeing, low ropes, archery, leap of faith, tower climb and team building mini games.

The glorious spring sunshine accompanied us through the weekend and by the time the sun went down, the teams were in there own chill zones to recount on the days experiences and reflect on their achievements, before getting involved in the numerous evening activities including: quiz night, I’m a Celebrity Challenge, Minute to winnit competition and scavenger hunts along with the final night rave in the castle. By Monday morning, 54 young, but now experienced adventurers headed back to Bolton for a well-deserved sleep back in their own beds with new memories, new friends and new confidence.

But this was not the end of the adventure….

On Tuesday the young people reassembled into their teams to get to know Bolton a little better. Our friends from the Interfaith Council kindly allowed the young people to explore a mix of Bolton’s most influential religions and cultures, before the first ever Mission Bolton.

Mission Bolton was a 3 part scavenger hunt around Bolton, learning about the non-profit organisations and services available to the people of Bolton. With teams running all over town, taking photos and answering riddles against the clock, it was a huge success with Yellow Team storming to victory. (All teams did fantastic).


Wednesday was all about developing their skills, with DGF First aide coming along to teach everyone vital first aide and lifesaving skills. From CPR, cuts, chocking and burns, to use of brand new Defibrillation machines, the young people of Bolton are now prepared to look after themselves and the wider community.

Then a fantastic workshop by Magistrates in the Community, allowed the young people the chance to meet local Magistrates and get to discover a little more about the Law and the impact it can have on people’s lives.

Finally, Thursday saw NCS takeover The University of Bolton as the young people honed their employability skills, thanks to the great team at EXPLODE magazine, who used an array of off the wall techniques to allow the young people to realise their full potentials and to identify the existing skills they already had.

Greater Manchester Higher then used the afternoon to explore future opportunities for the young people, involving a campus tour, taster sessions for sport science and law (using their state of the art facilities) and pitching to set up their own University societies. These included everything from ‘Nap Time’ to ‘Disney Fanclub’ to ‘The Gravy Boats’, an appreciation society for gravy.

After a well deserved Friday off, the teams came together to begin planning a wide range of Social Action Projects to give back to the Bolton Community. These projects vary from Homelessness, Mental Health awareness, spreading positive messages and tackling stress and anxiety. These projects have been planned over three days.

The projects are due to be carried out over this weekend so check back next week to see the great work completed by NCS this SPRING 2018.


NCS Team


09.02.2018- NCS My Journey #20daysofsummer

NCS My Journey #20daysofsummer

With only days before 75 fresh young people from all walks of life in Bolton board the bus and head out to the sunny Lake District for NCS Spring 2018, lets take a look at what recent graduate Jay Halai had to say about his experience.

Name: Jay Halai

Age: 17

NCS Summer 2017 (wave 2)

Why did you choose to do NCS?

I wanted to do NCS because I heard about it at school and thought it would be a good way to get more involved with my community and also meet some new people.

Tell me about the day you got on the coach to the adventure residential

I was apprehensive, but really excited. I knew it would be a great experience. I just hoped that I had packed enough.

What did you do for Phase 1-the adventure residential?

We went to Scotland. It was a long drive. We did small team building activities to begin with, then we did loads of cool outdoor stuff like canoeing through a glenn and we even camped one night and had to cook our own food.

In the evenings after tea, we had loads of time to chill and have banter with my mates and the staff. This was one of my favourite bits as I got to make lots of new friends.

What happened on Phase 2?

We got our own apartments at Bolton Uni where we got to live independently with like 4 other mates and a staff member, but that weren’t so bad, the staff are pretty cool actually. We did our shopping on day 1 and got bare munch. We also had to do things during the day like going to visit places of worship and meeting business owners. I learned first aide and learnt about the court system in the UK. I also improved my teamwork, independence and leadership skills.

This was a fun week; we got to eat what we wanted and cook our own food while chilling with our mates.

What charity/issue did you address during Phase 3 Social Action?

My team chose homelessness and worked with Help for Homeless. We got local businesses to donate food. We then made food packages which we gave to homeless people in the town centre, we even done hot drinks.

It felt exceptional and fulfilling to complete this project.

How has NCS impacted your life?

I am now a graduate doing Sports Development, to help young children understand the importance of sport. It has made me more cautious and aware when making decisions. I don’t just go with my gut anymore.

Final words?

Do NCS if you have the chance.

Spring wave gets on the bus 16.2.18 #springintoaction – keep reading for all the latest news

enjoy your week

NCS Team x

02.02.2018-A Busy ol' January

It’s been a busy start to 2018 for the NCS team. We have worked closely with the support of 13 secondary schools from the Bolton Community, in January alone, resulting in 248 young people saying yes to NCS and preparing to feel unstoppable this summer.

If you go to any of these schools, but have not yet had the chance to sign up, then keep an eye out in school for :

  • the NCS box (usually around student services or reception)
  • the BLGC blue hoodies who will still be around from time to time.
  • You can even ask your head of year.


  • if that sounds like too much hard work…..just click here to sign up online.

Places are going fast, so fast in fact that wave 2 is almost full, so if you have friends on wave 2 you want to go with, get your forms in quick. Do it….Do it now!

To the other schools and educational establishments in Bolton……We will be coming for you soon.

Feel Unstoppable……Feel NCS!

Same time next week,

NCS Team

19.01.2018-NCS Graduates (who, what, why, where, when)















It’s happening……The NCS graduate programme is firing on all cylinders now, with over 40 Summer 2017 Graduates actively engaged.

The graduate programme is a way for Young People to extend their NCS journey and to continue building on the fantastic work they did over their NCS experience. The graduate programme aims to further the opportunities for young people to develop personal and professional skills, help the community, get involved and have fun, while bolstering their CVs and maybe even lead to paid employment (after completing the Leader in Training sessions). The entire programme runs for 12months, before the current graduate cohort hand over to the next group of newly graduated NCSers.

The programme is split into 4 main pathways: Community Champions, Fundraising Champions, Sports Development Mentors and Creative Support. Each pathway or team have their own specific tasks and focuses, which will be showcased here on this very blog throughout the year (as well as updates of what the 2018 NCSers are up to).
















After completing the initial pathway, the Graduates are able to then choose whether they would like to begin training to become an NCS staff member or to take part in the International Citizen Service.

The Community Champions are currently working towards planning events such and the NCS Spring Programme Graduation Ceremony, looking for ways to further links with Community Partners and supporting at local community and BLGC events.

The Fundraising Champions are looking at creative ways to utilise the spaces kindly provided to BLGC by Crompton Place Shopping Centre and helping to organise many of the upcoming BLGC fundraising events.

The Sports Development Mentors are embarking on the Sports Leaders Certification in order to learn how to deliver sports as a work based subject. They are also looking at putting on monthly cultural sporting events at BLGC.

Creative Support are forming a design committee in order to design and produce awards (for use at the graduation ceremony) and learning key design and journalism skills.

The Autumn 17 and Spring 18 NCSers will get their opportunity to get involved over the next few months, so please do keep your eyes out for how to get involved.

Check in every Friday for more updates.

Enjoy your week,

NCS Team


09.01.2018-Welcome to the NCS Blog

As we enter 2018, I would like to welcome you to the new NCS blog.

This will be the place to find:

  • The most up to date BLGC NCS news
  • What the NCS Graduates are up to
  • How you can get involved as a business, delivery partner or staff member
  • How to sign up to participate in NCS as a young person
  • Young Person Case studies
  • Graduate Opportunities
  • Articles written by our young people
  • And much more

There are some #exciting times ahead as we prepare for the Spring programme which Kicks off on February 16th.

Check in every Friday for more updates.

Enjoy your week,

NCS Team x