NCS is proven to have a massive impact on teenagers across the UK by helping them become confident communicators and leaders.

Growing up can be challenging, but NCS is committed to helping UK teenagers prepare for the next stage of their lives. By completing the programme, your 16 or 17-year-old will develop the skills that today’s employers value: confidence, leadership and independence.

They’ll also make new friends – eight in ten graduates keep in touch with people they meet on the programme – and be encouraged to make a contribution in their local community. NCS leaves young people feeling more confident in their ability to have an impact on the world around them.


“I couldn’t believe the difference in her when she came back, it was amazing. She was raring to go. It’s given her the confidence to be more independent.”

Rebecca, parent of Libby, NCS graduate


Visit the NCS website for more information. You can watch the videos to see recent NCS graduates and their parents talk about their experience of the programme.

Downloadable Programme Information

Here you can find a number of resources that you my find useful in the lead up to your child taking part, as well as while they are on programme.

Kit List for Residential at Borwick Hall

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