NCS is an opportunity for young people to boost their CV, develop important life skills and take their next steps with confidence.

We believe NCS is a great addition to any out-of-school activities that you already organise. The programme is organised so that students in year 11 and year 12 can take part alongside their studies.

The benefits for students are wide-ranging. Participants graduate from the scheme as more capable, connected and compassionate young people. Research of NCS graduates found that eight in ten felt more positive towards people from different backgrounds when they finished, while seven in ten were more confident about getting a job because of NCS.


“I would urge schools and colleges to work with NCS and together we can help prepare and develop young people for the future.”

Brian Lightman, former general secretary, ASCL


Bolton Lads & Girls Club is proud to partner with NCS to deliver this incredible programme. More information about how the experience can help your students is available on the NCS website.