Come say hello & lets have a brew!

If you would like to arrange to come and visit the Club and see how you can help or the exact difference your support and donations make to the Young People in Bolton and the Bolton community then please contact or call directly on 07870 873 5905


We would be delighted to give you a tour of the facilities and explain more about the impact Bolton Lads & Girls Club has on the Young People of Bolton, the Bolton community and also the Business network in Bolton.

I am very pleased and in no small way proud, to be associated with Bolton Lads and Girls Club. The work they do, not only in Bolton, but in the whole borough is absolutely brilliant. One in four young people in the borough are members. In Westhoughton, my home town, they have a branch. Since it opened, juvenile crime and nuisance has more than halved. That says it all. Give the kids something useful or creative to do and look what can happen!