What is the Thrive Service?

We offer one to one therapeutic support to young people age 11- 18 years old to help improve their mental health and well-being. We offer support for young people who need some on to one support around lower level poor mental health. This could be any of the following: anxiety, stress, low mood, sadness, poor sleep, concerning changes to mood or behaviour , the impact of family problems/relationships, problems with social interaction/ peer relationships and emotional well-being , other issues that can impact on learning and behaviour.

Where serious mental health or other needs are identified the student will be sign posted or referred to other specialist services in consultation with the CYP and the Setting: for e.g. Specialist CAMHS, GP etc. The practitioner will support the referrer in making these referrals.

We can also signpost and advice on other services that we think maybe more appropriate for the young person or to the referrer.


How do I make a referral?

To access the service a referral needs to be made be either a professional or parent. Click Here for the referral form. Please answer as fully as possible and ensure you have consent from the young person and they are in agreement to wanting support. Please ensure you have consent from parents/carers for the service and notify us or anything we need to be aware of. Please note we generally do not work with young people already accessing CAMHS and are currently receiving a service from CORE CAMHS or a specialist service.

When a place becomes available we will arrange an assessment with the young person to ensure we are a suitable service to match their needs.


Where do we see young people?

Ideally, we would like to meet with the young person face to face at school in a private space or at BLGC in one of our quiet rooms. We find young people generally prefer this and speak more at ease. However, during COVID we know this is not always possible, so it is important to establish if the young person is available to speak over a video call or on the phone. Please let us know if technology is an issue to see if we can assist.


How long will we offer the service?

After the initial assessment we will offer 4, 8 or 12 sessions, depending upon what the assessment shows and what goals the young person wants to focus on to help improve their mental health and wellbeing. This is reviewed regularly. We use evidence based tools to screen mental health concerns and measure progress.


Is the service Confidential?

The service is confidential, and any information shared with parents and the referrer will be agreed with the young person. If we have a safeguarding concern the young person will be informed that we are concerned about them or another young person and will be passing it on to the relevant people.

If we are seeing a young person in a school setting we will share the safeguarding concern with the school DSL.

All the information we receive and work completed will be kept secure in line with GDPR.


Do you have a waiting list?

At sometimes we may have a waiting list and at the point of a referral or enquiry we will advise you on this matter. If we have a waiting list we will possibly refer you to one of our Thrive Alliance partners. You can see a list below of useful online portals and numbers that young people can access at any time if they need to speak to someone.


This service is funded via Bolton Together with funds from Bolton CCG.