The Enterprise Team run interactive sessions and workshops within the Club and on site to help you develop your abilities and working goals.

Through exciting projects, Club members will learn essential skills and enjoy new challenges. The Taste of Enterprise sessions are within the club from Tuesday to Friday from 6pm. To find out more about the Enterprise provision, contact us.

Young adults develop enterprise skills such as team building, networking, negotiating, planning and problem solving. This is achieved through exciting sessions such as designing clothes, making soaps or bath bombs and much more!

Our work experience scheme, Passport to Work, is a unique pilot scheme for 14 to 18 year olds that gives young people employability skills, making them ready for work.

Young people gain the “passport” after completing multiple work experiences or volunteering and attending sessions that include employability, financial literacy and being work ready. The scheme encompasses a framework we developed to ensure that sixteen skill sets are met and young people can reflect upon their experiences.

This is a great addition to their CV and enables young people to have a better understanding and awareness of careers to support in their own pathway.