Our Young Carers project aims to improve the lives of young carers through support, information, training and working in partnership with other agencies to promote their social inclusion and reduce their caring responsibilities.
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BLGC provides the following support and services to assist Young Carers to cope with the stress and complexities of their family situation through:

• Weekly sessions for different age groups so that they have some free time
• Intensive one to one support for Young Carers experiencing particular difficulties
• Access to positive activities and outings on a regular basis or during the holidays
• Support for young carers to maintain their schooling
• A dedicated YC Mentor that supports Young Carers and the whole family
• Young Carers Forum which assists with awareness raising
• Create opportunities to meet other Young Carers and reduce their isolation
• Improve the confidence, self esteem, resilience, mental health and wellbeing of Young Carers


Being a Young Carer can often have a significant impact on a young person’s health and wellbeing. Young Carers may be investing a lot of time and energy into looking after a family member or friend and therefore not finding enough time for themselves. Many young people who have caring responsibilities notice a long-term negative impact on their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Being a Young Carer clearly has a profound and lifelong impact on their lives. For many, caring is not a totally negative experience as they value the responsibility they were given at a young age which they felt led to greater maturity than their peers. However, our work suggests that being a Young Carer generally has a negative impact on their mental health and life chances.

Nationally Young Carers have said that there should be “no wrong doors” for Young Carers and their families. Young carers should be identified, assessed and their families supported regardless of which service is contacted in the first place. Our service will work within Bolton’s Framework for Action outlining how Early Help will be delivered to facilitate a high quality, collaborative approach to holistic assessment, support and planning and enable positive outcomes for the whole family.