For Professionals

Part of BLGC’s Young Carers project has been designed to support schools to work towards the Young Carers in Schools Bronze Award to help make the identification and support of young carers in schools as easy as possible.

We will be supporting schools across Bolton to utilise the step-by-step guide written by The Children’s Society and Carers Link to help setup, implement and evidence that schools are working towards the Young Carers in Schools Bronze Award. Our service will support schools to understand and access a range of ready made resources to evidence a working towards the applying for the award. Resources could include:

  • Step by step handbooks and guides
  • Templates and best practice examples
  • Materials to raise staff awareness
  • Teaching resources
  • Pupil noticeboard materials
  • How to guides for running effective support

Below are a range of brochures and leaflets, which will give you much more detail about the service we offer to Young Carers.

YC Service Brochure pages                                             

YC Service Brochure (Download)            YC Bronze school support              Young Carers Professionals Leaflet



Below are 10 resource packs to support schools to work towards Young Carers in Schools Bronze Award, packed with resources, templates and great examples to get you started. 

1 Gaining an understanding about young carers (DOWNLOAD)

2 Reviewing your Schools Provision for Young Carers (DOWNLOAD)

3 Securing Commitment of School Leaders (DOWNLOAD)

4 Introducing a Young Carers School Operational Lead (DOWNLOAD)

5 Acknowledging Young Carers in Principal School Documents (DOWNLOAD)

6 Setting up Systems to Identify, Assess and Support Young Carers (DOWNLOAD)

7 Raising Awareness of School Staff about Young Carers (DOWNLOAD)

8 Raising Awareness of Pupils and Families About Young Carers (DOWNLOAD)

9 Identifying, Assessing and Supporting Young Carers and their Families (DOWNLOAD)

10 Sharing Good Practice with Others (DOWNLOAD)